The McCloud Judgment – Public Sector Age Discrimination

From 1 October 2023, the public sector pension schemes started to implement the measures for rectifying the unlawful age discrimination which occurred upon the changes to the public sector pension schemes in 2014/15 (including NHS, Teachers, Civil Service, Judicial, Police, Firefighters, Armed Forces, Judicial and the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS)) following the McCloud judgment […]

Form E

Please select for link to the main Financial Statement for a Financial Order or for financial relief after an overseas divorce or dissolution (Form E )

Litigants in Person

Code of Conduct Download:  Code of Conduct We at Excalibur Actuaries realise that going through a divorce can be complex and stressful. Pensions can be particularly complex and we recommend that parties get legal advice although we appreciate that some parties prefer to be litigants in person. As explained below, we recommend that you consult […]

Pension Advisory Group

After two years of hard work the Pension Advisory Group (PAG) is pleased to be publishing its essential guide to the treatment of pensions on divorce. PAG’s long awaited report brings guidance to family judges, lawyers and pension experts encouraging fairer settlements and helping to manage liability. PAG is a multi-disciplinary group of professionals specialising […]

Notes on Instruction Letters

I have written these notes to help family solicitors put together instruction letters – particularly identifying issues which in our experience can cause delays, added costs, and other problems. They are comments from my viewpoint as an actuary experienced in divorce cases over many years, building on having worked closely with experienced pensions and divorce […]

Income in Retirement

Retirement income projections Money-purchase pension fund members, including those awarded a pension share from a final-salary pension scheme which has to be taken externally, have a wide range of choices in how to set up their retirement benefits at the time they reach retirement – with a wide range of annuities and income drawdown policies […]

Example Report

Pensions in Divorce Mr A & Mrs B EXAMPLE Actuarial Report on Pensions on Divorce 22 March 2013 Report of Geoffrey Wilson MA FIA MAE MEWI10 Chiswick Wharf Excalibur Actuaries London  W4  2SR Tel: 0208 581 4132 e-mail: 1.      INTRODUCTION 1.1  This report has been prepared on the joint instructions of XXX Solicitors, acting on […]