About Us

We provide expert reports and support to solicitors and their clients everywhere in the UK. Most of our work is done by correspondence – e-mail, letters, telephone – and we take pride in the clarity of our reports and replies to supplementary questions – so we are only very rarely needed to appear in person in divorce court hearings.

Providing expert reports on pensions and divorce requires professionalism, timely delivery, a deep and wide experience of the variety of pension schemes in the UK and overseas, and the expertise to analyse and value different pensions in the context of divorce, pension sharing, offsetting and attachment. 

Excalibur Actuaries Limited is an independent firm of pensions consulting actuaries founded in 2017 to build on the extensive experience in all aspects of pensions and divorce work by its predecessor partnership Excalibur Actuaries since 1996. As well as advising on pensions on divorce, our experts carry out a wide range of pensions consultancy work allowing us to maintain our extensive knowledge of pensions in the UK and elsewhere. 

Our experts have many years’ experience of working with a wide variety of private and public sector pensions, which allows us to have real insight into how the often-complex pensions which a divorcing couple have built up between them over the years can most effectively be analysed and dealt with appropriately on divorce. How to instruct us?

Timescales & Fees

Excalibur is committed to providing timely advice. Please let us know if there are specific court deadlines that apply as we are keen to avoid unnecessary delays to proceedings. Our normal timescale is to report within six to eight weeks of the team receiving instructions, confirmations and all necessary information – the average time from receipt of instruction to report production is about four months and we are increasing our capacity.

Our typical report fee is between £1,700 and £4,000 plus VAT, with the fee in each case depending on the complexity of the pensions and of the questions put in our instructions. Our terms of business are the Academy of Experts’ model terms.

Quality Assurance

All our advice is provided directly by an experienced actuary, with appropriate processes in place to ensure quality and compliance with current standards of actuarial practice.  As a leading provider of pension on divorce reports, we welcome feedback, including any complaints which are dealt with under our complaints procedure.