Helping Individuals

Working with you through your divorce:

We can accept instructions directly from individuals (rather than through solicitors) if they so wish – the only practical difference is that we then ask for fees to be settled before the report is issued (where instructions are through solicitors, fee invoices to solicitor firms can be in business to business terms).

You will need to consider the questions to put to us as experts, and suggest you both read the guidance notes on our resources page which discuss the questions and the information we will need for our analysis and report. If you have solicitors acting for you, you would normally discuss this with them. Our fee will of course depend on the complexity of the questions you put, as well as on the complexity of the pensions you have.

We aim to produce reports that are clear and easy to understand, despite the complexity of pensions – see the example report on our resources page.

We particularly mention timescale, where we are proud of what we are able to achieve (see our home page for information about this, as well as about fees). Getting all the information needed is the most typical cause of delay, since in many cases we require a lot more information than just the Cash Equivalent Transfer Value (CETV), particularly for private sector defined benefit or final salary pensions – see the guidance notes. Often pension scheme administrators are focussed on members so requests from third parties like ourselves are subject to long delays. We overcome this by asking you as the scheme member to contact the pension administrator - we identify the further information required, we provide you with the specific questions to put, and we ask you to put those questions and to chase them up to get a speedy response.
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